Sunday, May 18, 2008

In Another Life (Part 1)

I remember it like it was 14 years ago. Probably because it was 14 years ago. But that was back then, when I lived in a small town in Pennsylvania. Rileyville - that was the name. I was so young when it happened. It was the summer before I started driving. I was 11. 

Everyday that summer my friends and I would ride our bikes up to the bridge. Well, they rode their bikes. I rode my rollerblade. We could only afford one pair and my brother and I had to share it. But boy, was my left leg in great shape from all that pushing. 

When we got to the bridge we would jump off into the river below. It was only about 50 feet. But I'll never forget that summer when my friend Tommy and I were hanging out on the bridge and he jumped off. If only he had remembered that there was a drought that summer and there was no water down below. 

But Tommy was blind. 

As I sit writing this, I find that time has played with my memory. Like, for instance, Tommy wasn't my friend. He was my enemy. But I guess we sometimes mix up our friends and enemies. Oh, and also, we weren't hanging out. We were fighting. But you know kids, fighting, playing, it's all the same. And I just remembered, he hadn't jumped. I pushed him. But come on, I did him a favor. He was blind after all, what good would living have been? So you see, I did the right thing after all.

One last point. He wasn't blind. He was blind-folded.

But still, the lesson remains the same: watch out.

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