Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Letter "W"

Whoever made the English alphabet clearly had an issue with the letter "W".
Every other letter is one syllable (A,B,C...) For some reason, "W" is not one syllable. It's not even two syllables. It's three syllables! 

Additionally, its whole identity is based on another letter - the letter "U". It's two "U"s (Double U). We don't call the letter "O" "Complete C" or the letter "F" "Almost E". Besides the fact, if anything, it should at least be called double V (look at the similarity: V, W).  

All I'm saying is that it can't be easy not having your own identity. Why couldn't they just have come up with a different name for the letter "W"? Why not pronounce it "We" as in, Tee, You, Vee, We. I guess it would have messed up the whole song. 

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  1. Indeed you make interesting points regarding the letter "w." I would like to just comment on one of them. You proclaim that the letter "W" should,in fact, be called "double v." However that all depends on which font is used when writing the letter "w." For instance, in this case with the font I'm using indeed the "w" looks more like a "double-v" (vv = w. However,I've noticed, mostly among the female gender that when they write theletter "w" it does, in fact, look like a double-u. Perhaps we can speculate that the alphabet was created by a female and therefore the "W" is called double-u.

  2. fd,

    We don't need to speculate that the alphabet was created by a female because it wasn't. In fact, at the time the alphabet was created, most females did not even know how to write.

    Lastly, please, remember to close your parenthesis.

    Read about the origin of the letter "W" here:

  3. Dude they just ran out of ideas at the end and got fed up.