Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ghost in Gym?

Of all places to go, why the gym?

Thanks Jeremy.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Experience Wii

Usually I embed the videos on the blog but this one you need to go to YouTube to get the full effect. It's worth it. Click here.

Frum Test

The author requests to remain anonymous. 
Post your scores and comments in the comments.
Rules: You must get at least 25 correct in order to pass.
1) Are you learning at 2 different points in the day? (morning and night)
2) Attending 3 minyanim a day
3) Have less than 5 girls in your phonebook
4) Deleted or dont have facebook
5) Your shirt has at least 4 buttons and is usually tucked in
6) You dont wear pink
7) At least 1 article of clothing is from either banana republic or brooks brothers
8) You either wear a velvet yarmulka, or with special permission, the black one that Po wears (Ramaka)
9) Your shoes are black, or maybe dark brown, and they have visible stitching
10) You know what the word "lamaaseh" means and you use it in conversation
11) You own at least 3 sweaters: one argyle, one is a half zip, and (obviously) one is a cardigan
12) The only pencils you use are the Bic .5 pencils with the padded finger thing
13) You have things underlined or highlighted in every sefer you have ever opened
14) When someone asks a question, you respond "I think its a R' Moshe..." when you actually have no idea
15) You throw out 1-line hebrew phrases from random gemaras that dont apply to the situation
16) The last time you shaved was last erev shabbos
17) You make up your own test to see if other people are as frum as you
18) You only wear tan pants on tiyulim
19) You have Shtark marks, both in the back of your gemara, and in your koveitz
20) You have an english sefer by your bed even though you NEVER read it
21) You ask Rabbis questions you already know the answers to in order to speak to them
22) You know at least 3 different pen tricks
23) You rip on people who learn Tanach
24) Your pants are significantly darker than your shirt
25) The only sweatshirt you own is a blank zip up
26) Your Shabbos and weekday socks look exactly the same
27) You need someone to wake you up from your Beis nap bc you dont have your phone on you
28) You tell people aout an awesome shiur you heard on your Ipodthat you got from your friend in shaalivim
29) You have a learning schedule you never follow
30) You judge people based on how well they do on this test

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

30,000 Dominos

How long do you think it took them to set that up?

Thanks Kevin.

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