Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Do You Do?

I was just on the phone and we got to the point in the conversation where it was time to say goodbye and hang up. You know, when you say the stretched out "alright" or "ok" while exhaling at the same time. Anyway, right before we were about to say "goodbye" the call was dropped. Was I supposed to call back just to say bye? If I decided to call back, would I start the phone call with "hi?" ["Hey! I'm just calling to say bye."]

For the record, I didn't call back. But he did.


  1. Duvi, that is a great post that has happened to me before and I have thought about hthat very same thing. I remember that I called back but begrudgingly


  2. I would call back and be like sorry we got disconnected, just wanted to call and say bye.... bye