Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How To Get Free Pizza & Ice Cream From Your Friend

Have you ever wondered how you can get free pizza and ice cream when you go out with your friends? Neither have I. But now that I know how to (I did it last night), I figured I would share it with you.

The Situation: You're at pizza and you realize you don't have any, or enough money on you; you ask your friend if you can borrow money. He says yes.

The Problem: He thinks you're poor, cheap, or stupid and knows there is little chance he is getting that money back.

The Solution: Carry around a $100 bill. When it's your turn to pay, take it out, and say to your friend, I only have a $100 bill, can you pay for me? They will gladly say yes and you don't look poor, cheap, or stupid and they figure they will obviously get paid back because you have $100. Go to Ice Cream and repeat.

This only works in a place where you are spending around $5 otherwise it would make sense to break the $100.

(Thanks E.R. for the pizza and ice cream)


  1. hmmm... i feel like thats happened to me before!! ; )

  2. like everyone carries around 100 dollar bills . . .yup