Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dog "Attacks" Grandmother

Viewer discretion advised.

Thanks Jeremy.


  1. This vido was funny.
    But by the title I though it was something else.
    When me and Kenny were younger, and my grandmother, may she rest in peace, was still alive, our family, with my grandmother was walking to our friends house during "the break" on Yom KIppur.
    As we were walking a dog from one of the houses on the way, ran - in a playful manner - to jump on my grandmother, but since she was frail, the dog knocked her over and broker her hip.
    My dad has some really funny stories and if you want him to go into it you should come for shabbos and bring it up. Anyone is invitied.

  2. i am not religious and would love to spend a sabbath with you Michael, and hear your stories.