Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flying As Usual

So I finally made it to Israel but not without some glitches.

As usual, I brought one suitcase for myself and one for someone else. As usual my housekeeper packed the one for someone else (ok, she packed both). As usual, I had absolutely no idea what was in bag #2. As usual, when security asked me who packed the bags, I told them that I did (I'm not falling for that!).

My usual routine was working until after I put both my bags through the x-ray and the security person came over to me. "What's in the red suitcase?" she asked. Of course, I had no idea what was in bag #2, so as usual, I went to backup plan: act dumb (or more specifically, get them to let me open the bag). "They're both red, so I can't tell you what's in that bag," I smartly responded.

"Are there books in the bag?"
"Umm...yes." (I couldn't tell if this was a test)
"How many?"
"A few."
"How many?"
"Like three...or five."
"How thick are the books?"
"They're just like regular book thickness"
"Are there some type of large liquid bottles in the bag?"
"Ya, I think so" (Again, I didn't know if this was a test) - "Can I just open the bag?"

Finally she let me open the bag, which contained neither books nor any type of bottles.

But by far the weirdest part of the whole trip was on the customs line in Israel when old chinese women started petting stranger's kids.


  1. one of my dads favorite stories is that when he was going to Israel when he ewas younger he brought over some bras for a female friend, which was given to him by the girl's mother. But he didn't know what was in the bag. Needless to say it was a funny occurence when the security agent opened the bag to find that in there.


  2. I just wish customs was more honest with some passengers why they are subjecting them to so many questions. Instead of the standarf el-al, "we are asking you these questions because we are afraid someone many have given you a bomb;" they should be more straight forward with some flyers. "Mr. Al-Jahide, we are asking you these questions because you look like an Islamic extremist, and frankly its freaking out the other passangers.". Is that so much to ask for?