Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Life: What were to happen if I just started typing?

Editors Note: I am starting a new series that will run every Thursday called "My Life." As you'll learn, it's very random and doesn't necessarily have to do with my life. If you enjoy it, share it with someone you love or hate. And as always, leave a freakin' comment.

What were to happen if I just started typing? Where would my mind take me? This is a fun experiment. The challenge is keeping up with my mind since I'm not such a fast typer, especially on an iPad. Ok I think that's it. My mind has gone blank. I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired or too self-conscious about what I'm typing. Oh no, I just used the word self-conscious. I'm very self-conscious about using that word.

One paragraph - that's not so bad. I don't know how people write books. I think writers are just really shy loud people.

New topic - I hate when people stand in bad places. For example: standing in doorways or in front of any food table. Do these people not realize they're in a bad spot? Get out of my way! Don't they get the hint when everyone growls "excuse me." Can you not find another place to carry on your desperate attempt at a conversation? And one last thing: don’t stand in front of or behind my car and then complain when I hit you.

I feel bad for people whose natural face looks like they're angry. I feel bad but I still laugh at the thought when I see them. Because I know they're just relaxing or spacing out and yet everyone is looking at them and thinking "what are you so upset about?"

I want to try and fill up a page. I think then I'll feel like I accomplished something today. Who said accomplishing something today would be easy? Maybe I should try a smaller piece of paper. Or a larger font.

I’m having writer’s block. I'm not entirely sure what that is but it sounds like a legitimate excuse. It is either that or a stomachache and the former seems more plausible.

If I were a horse I would dress up as a zebra and see if anyone noticed.

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